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Hotel Information

   Listed below are our recommended 'Host Hotels' for the Stars & Stripes & The State Gymnastics Championships.  Both Hotels are directly connected to the Bayfront Convention Center (meet site).

     Both Hotels are offered a 'Special Rate' of $160 / room night for the State Championships.  Both hotels are newer, beautiful,  located right on the waterfront, and offer numerous amenities.


     Due to complexities in the past, we ask that you use the links provided below to secure your room requirements for the event.  Both Hotels support our efforts as a club in hosting gymnastics competitions.  They do this by a) blocking off portions of the hotel for our estimated number of guests and offering a special rate to our patrons.  As well, they often help support us as a club by subsidizing or offering complimentary rooms for our Judging Officials (lowering our bottom line for costs).

    What tends to happen is people use a variety of apps & hotel securing websites that go thru their 'National Hotlines' and not thru our local channels.  As a result, the hotel does not recognize those bookings as 'gymnastics participants'. 

    What also happens is that Parents often tend to "over book" their rooms.  Parents know now that they will have to be in Erie for the State Championships in May.  However we cannot release the exact schedule until 3 weeks preceding the Championship.  As a result, they will hold rooms for Friday, Saturday, & Sunday - when in fact, they likely only plan on staying 1 of those 3 nights.  As a result, the Hotel reads full, and no longer can offer rooms.  Then, at the last minute, they will drop the additional rooms opening up availability, however by then, most of those patrons have secured rooms elsewhere.

    We ask that a) you wait until close to the deadline to book your room ~ so that you are only booking for the night(s) you will need.  If you do 'over book', then we ask that you promptly contact the hotel and drop the nights you don't plan on staying.

    IF the Hotel says that it is full, we highly recommend contacting the Hotel closer to the event date, where there likely will be rooms that open up.  If both Hotels are full, we will add additional Hotels to this Host Hotel page.

The hotels asked me to include the following note:

 “Reservations must be made before or on the cutoff date of Friday, April 17th. After the cutoff date, rates and availability are subject to change as rooms are released to the public. If you are experiencing issues while making reservations, please call the Sales Department directly at 814-240-7246.” 

Erie Waterfront

The Bayfront Convention Center and our 2 Host Hotels are located directly on "Presque Isle Bay".  Presque Isle Bay  is Erie's Harbor where Downtown Erie is on one side, and protected from Lake Erie by the peninsula -  Presque Isle State Park - on the other side.  There is a small opening at the East end of the Bay where ships can enter the protected bay.

    Presque Isle Bay is open to  commercial Shipping, Fishing, and recreational boating and is used almost year round.

   For things to do while visiting Erie, please visit our "Things to Do" page on our website. 

2020 Star's & Stripes & PA Level 4 State Championship Host Hotels


Bayfront Convention Center

  • Home to the 2020 Stars & Stripes Coed Invitational.
  • Home to the 2020 Pennsylvania Level 4 State Championship


Sheraton Bayfront

  • Directly attached via 'skywalk' to Meet Site.
  • Beautiful Views of Presque Isle Bay, State Park, and Downtown Erie.
  • Special Rates for Gymnasts.


Courtyard Mariott Bayfront

  • Directly attached to the Bayfront Convention Center
  • Beautiful Views of Presque Isle Bay, State Park, & Downtown Erie.
  • Special Rates for Gymnasts