Team Lightning Booster Page

   This page is specifically for the Team Lightning Booster Club - EGCPA (Erie Gymnastics Center Parents Association).   

   This page has been created to provide additional Parent information specific to the Competitive Teams.

   This page will include various links, information, downloads AND access to the 'seperate' - database used by the Booster Club.

Please note:  You CAN create an account with Erie Gymnastics Center & EGCPA - Team Lightning Boosters with the same email account.  However you will need to create seperate User Names and seperate passwords...

EX:  DPershun = IloveGymnastics

         DouglasPershun = GreatCoach#1


About Us


Work Hard!

Rest & Repeat!

Work Hard!

As a Booster Club Member... we've consolidated multiple small fundraisers into just a few big endeavors.  Stars & Stripes is our biggest and it's ALL HANDS ON DECK for the weekend.  Thus, we really do work hard at creating the best Competition for our gymnasts and our visiting guests.  


Play Hard!

Rest & Repeat!

Work Hard!

Hard Work - Demands some Benefits.  In addition to significantly lowering the costs for our Competitive Athletes, you will meet like minded fun parents who are doing the same.  We play as hard as we work!


Rest & Repeat!

Rest & Repeat!

Rest & Repeat!

Again, the Boosters have managed to significantly lower the number of fundraisers to just a few big ones.  This allows you more leisure time for whatever you wish to accomplish.

Booster sign up

Booster Club Executive Board



Jill Little 

(814) 323-7256

Women's Vice President

Wendy Gunther 

(814) 882-4278

Men's Vice President

Jason Veit  

(814) 572-2602


Robert Rodemoyer  

 (814) 812-1885 


Kari Sala  


Stars & Stripes Coordinator

Brian Marshall

(814) 566-0499


Stars & Stripes Volunteer Coordinator

Rick Skrbin  

 (814) 450-5434 

Level 7-10 Optional Representative

Anna Tischenko  

 (814) 860-4200 

Level 6 Optional Representative

Janet Skrbin

(814) 823-1108

Level 5 Compulsory Representative

*** Open Position ***

Level 4 Compulsory Representative

Rebecca Stanopiewicz 

 (814) 602-9868 

Level 3 Compulsory Representative

Harborcreek - Brandy Inman --  -- (814) 323-0824

EGC West -  Sandra Sawwan -- --  (814) 434-2239


Level 2 Compulsory Representative

Jennifer Austin

(412) 848-6765

Men's Team Representative

Meghan Marshall 

 (814) 449-9031 

Xcel Team Representative

*** Open Position ***

Parents Competitive Team

***Open Position ***

Silver Grips - (Senior Citizens) Competitive Team

*** Open Position ***

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