Tumbling & Trampoline


Boys & Girls (1 hour classes) 1x/week

Gymnastics classes offer Tumbling as part of the class as well as a focus on the other Gymnastics Apparatus.  But, what if your interest is just in the Tumbling.  What if you just want to learn the skills necessary to make the Cheer Team?  What if you're into the Martial Arts, and you want to perform a Back Flip with a Kick?  What if you're into Parkour or Ninja and want to improve your air-sense / landing skills?  From 1st Basemen and Hockey Goalies who want to improve their flexibility to make the play, or those who just want to flip - we DO IT ALL!


Skill Development

Tumbling Classes differ in many ways from our Gymnastics Classes.  First and foremost, the classes tend to focus on the individual goals of the students.  While the "ABC's" of tumbling are necessary to build a foundation, beyond the basics, the classes really try to achieve and cater to the student goals.   

    Still, in each class, we do work on flexibility & strength which are necessary for most of the skills to be performed safely.  We then use a variety of equipment to aid the students on achieving their goals and expanding their abilities.  We use both our Spring Tumbling Floors and our Tumble Trampolines for the bulk of the skills.  In addition, we have Mini Tramps, Spring Boards, and a wealth of matting and additional equipment to facilitate the students progress.


Class Descriptions

 We generally divide our classes into Beginner Tumbling and Advanced Tumbling.  We tend to define these classes based on whether the student can perform a Back Handspring safely (by themselves) as the class level.  Students not having a Back Handspring (or equivalent skills are Beginners / having a Back Handspring or greater constitutes Advanced.  If there is any question or confusion, one of our staff would be happy to provide a 'FREE' evaluation of your child.

   In addition to the Beginner & Advanced Tumbling Classes seen below, we also offer many "Private Group" classes and some "Private Lessons".   We have numerous 'Group' Classes such as College and High School Cheer Teams, Karate Groups, Dance Teams....  If interested in a group or individual lessons, please contact us directly.

We have and/or can do... Circus Arts / Cheer Tumble / Martial Arts enhancement / Dance Teams / X-Games / Ninja / Parkour / as well as Strength & Flexibility training for Wrestling / Baseball / Hockey / Track & Field / Skiing....

Beginner & Advanced Class Schedule

Private Classes