Team Lightning Competitive Teams

     Erie Gymnastics Center is the proud home of Team Lightning.  Team Lightning represents EGC's Competitive Gymnastics Travel Teams.  Team Lightning produces some of the best talent in the country.  Team Lightning Athletes participate in and are governed by USA Gymnastics (USAG) our National Governing Body.  USAG is our United States Representative Program for the World & US Olympic Teams.

     The USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program consists of 10 Competitive Levels of Gymnastics.  Think of these levels like grades of school or belts in Karate.  Athletes must earn a minimum mobility score at USAG Sanctioned Competitions to advance to the next more difficult level.  Levels 1 is the entry competitive level (the little league) of gymnastics.  Erie Gymnastics Center does not at this time compete Level 1 athletes.  Instead, we consider these levels Advanced Recreation & EGC Mini Team members, and compete them 'in house'. 

     Team Lightning Competitive Gymnastics starts at Levels 2.  Level 2 is entry or 'little league' level of Competitive Gymnastics.  Level 2's have basic compulsory skills & routines they must perfect on all the Olympic apparatus. 

Level 3  thru 5 are State Recognized Compulsory Levels.  Each gymnast must perform a set routine of skills on each apparatus at competitions.   The Gymnasts & Teams enter 'Invitational' style Competitions in the Tri-State area and compete for Individual & Team  medals & trophies.  The Gymnasts can earn medals for individual events, the combined efforts of all of their apparatus scores - the prestigious All Around, and Team Awards.    Throughout the season Gymnasts earning high scores can qualify to the PA State Gymnastics Championships.  EGC is proud that nearly 90% of our Competitive Teams annually qualify to the State Championships.

     Levels 6 thru 10 are known as 'Optional' Gymnasts.  Optional Gymnastics is what most people are familiar with from watching gymnastics on TV.  Optional Gymnasts have their own choreographed routines that they perform on the various apparatus.  Each skill and combination earns points toward the gymnasts final score.  Levels 6 is considered Beginner Optional Gymnastics and Level 7 is considered Intermediate Optional, however there is nothing Beginner or even Intermediate about their skill levels.  They compete to earn qualifying scores to compete at the PA State Championships.  Level 8 (Advanced Optional) Gymnasts move up significantly higher in skill level and compete at the USAG Regional Level (best of 7 States).  PA is part of Region VII gymnastics and includes - Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland,  New York, and District of Columbia.    

BIG GUNS - Level 9 & 10 are USA Gymnastics National Levels.  These level of gymnastics are typically what you see when watching Gymnastics on Television.   Level 9's & 10's are unrestricted in difficulty limitations, and perform the most difficult of gymnastics skills and combinations.  Over the years, EGC has produced numerous National medalist and NCAA Collegiate Athletes. 

   The road to Level 10 is extremely difficult.  It requires a commitment on an entirely different level than most other sports.  Level 10 gymnasts spend grueling hours at the gym learning the most complex and dangerous skills and training to make them look easy.  Less than 1% of students who enter gymnastics ever make these levels.  To our 10's however, they "Love It, Eat It, Breath It!"  Team Lightning Optionals are coached by "National Ranked" USAG Coach - Douglas Pershun.  Doug has been at this for 30+ Years.


Team Lightning Women's Optionals


Women's Optional Team Levels 8-10

 Top Row: Gracie Kinnear / Lienne Su / Lexie Bretz
Dajanay Thomas / Ella Cain / Lauren Bush / Kseniya Tischenko 
Bottom - Ananya Patanakul / Mikaela "Bubbles" Gorniak / Mimi Sala

Level 6 & 7 Optional Teams

Women's Level 6 & 7 Optional Teams

 Top Row: Catie Britt / Wendy Veit / Avery Blackmer / Kadence Skrbin
Kira Guntrum / Bella Martin / Lainey Labruzzo / Kaleigh Kosko

Veronika Tischenko / Sarah Lathan / Baylee Antuzzi 

​Priya Schuller / Sammie Serafini

Men's Competitive Teams


Team Lightning Men's Team

Left to Right - 

Top: Aiden Antuzzi / Lucas Kantz / Joey Rizzo / Yanet Patanakul 

/ Roman Rizzo 

 Bottom:  Oliver Kantz / Liam Marshall / Giles Veit / Sam Pulliam

/ Nicholas Hutchins  / Isacc Smith  // ​Gabe DiRaimo (not shown).


Boy's Hot Shots Team


Top: Logan Kramer / Gabriel DiRaimo /  William Stitzer / Justin Fedorko-Stevens
Bottom: Tanner Wisniewski / Anthony Bly / Emery Buona / Ely Smith

Team Lightning Compulsory Teams

Level 5 Team TSS 19

Level 5 Compulsory Team

 Top Row: Lauren Wilke / Faith Myers / Madalyn Holland / Juliet Skrbin 

/ Hayden Palmer
Middle:  Grace Kantz / Nora Vitron / Sydney Huggler / Kinslie Larson

 / Emma Crowers / Kaylin Harrington
Bottom - Kaitlyn Eccles / Hope Myers / Alyssa Cieslak / Lily Bretz 

/ Sophie Williams / Aubrey Swanson

Level 4 Compulsory Team TSS 19

Level 4 Compulsory Team

Top Row: Isabella Cardeo / Emily Martucci / Alyssa Fraser / Cameron Fyke / Trista Paternosh / Cailyn Allen
Middle Row: Sydney Betza / Kylie Byerly / Avery Vitron / Alexandra Rinderle / Kylie Ann Miller / Olivia Wilke / Kylie Carutis
Bottom - Jay'dah Ratliff / Addyson Shoup / Hailey Exley / Olivia Stanopiewicz / Samantha Mifsud / Evelynn Shoup​.

Level 3 Team TSS 19

Level 3 Compulsory Team

Top Row: Soraya Hosford / Amaria Eanes / Mallory Flowers / Eva Donikowski / Ariy Eliz LaLindez / Sarah Komatsu / Anna Randolph
Middle Row: Heidi Veit / Morgan Vicary / Kenzie Marshall / Sarah Hershelman  / Amarie Proper / Henley Herron  
Bottom - Lillian Austin / Thayani Patanakul / Payson Altsman / Reese Elzer / Laina Wishnok / Tessa Mikovch / Cari Lin.


Level 2 Compulsory Team

 Top Row: Annabel Telesco / Piper Inman / Addison Mifsud / Alivia Getty / Emma Ferrante / Hannah Leonard / Ebyni Sawwan
Middle Row:  Paige Altsman / Alissandra Yegizaryan
Bottom Row: Madeline Kantz / Olivia Bible / Payton Hammer / Kenlee Elzer

Team Lightning Xcel

Xcel Diamond n Platinum Team TSS 19

Xcel Diamond & Platinum Teams

Top Row: Elizabeth Gunther / Haley Martucci / Haley Little / Elli Gruwell 

/ Jayda Galleur
Middle Row:  Isabella Kinslow / Brooklyn Coleman / Alix Rutter 
Bottom - Mariah Rodemoyer / Lauren Ferrante / Paige VanTassell

Xcel Gold Team TSS 19

Xcel Gold Team

 Top Row: Sarah Fowler / Brooklynn Boyd / Madeline Moore / Jalen Plaster 

Xcel Silver Team TSS 19

Xcel Silver Team

 Top Row:  Remington Taylor / Alaina Martucci
Bottom Row: Ella Storolis / Mirabella Yegizaryan
Missing - Alexandria Lanagan

Team Lightning Training Teams (Mini-Team)


Elite Training Team

Top: Marissa Babo / Sophia Brookhouser
Middle: Peyton Kifer / Kaylyn Still / Charlotte Spitzer 

Bottom - Krystal Walker / Alexa Zacceo / Delaney Cook

(missing) Vanessa Clark / Jersey Skyy Heideburg / Makayla Inthavong


Mini Team (Harborcreek)

 Top: Shayla Hagerty / Marie Miller /  Eleanor Timmers / Marion Veit

 / Evelyn Laubenthal
Bottom: Onolee Thorton / Cali Laboski / Taylor Brown / Aurora Varos / Lila Grande
Front: Lyric Richmond (Cassie Preston )


Mini Team (EGC West)

Top: Anna Wlodarczyk / Maria Carideo / Ava Fagley / Vidalia Kelly

/ Aubrauna Stidham
Bottom - Danika Kraus / Isabella Cubero / Gabrielle Gallenstein

/ Abigail Austin / Macie Hirschi / Jayda Ireland 

(missing -  Melody Richmond / Peyton Snyder / Tinsleigh Suscheck


Team Parents, the following downloads are helpful in navigating the Gymnastics World of Competitive Gymnastics

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