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USA Gymnastics

 USA GYMNASTICS - National Governing Body of Gymnastics in the USA.  Erie Gymnastics Center / Team Lightning Inc. is a Member Club in good Standing with USAG, and implements its training programs for Students and Staff.   


Women's Pennsylvania USA Gymnastics

 Pennsylvania Women's Gymnastics division of USA Gymnastics.  Our PA Governing Body - conducting all business that pertains to USAG Athletes in PA.  This includes State Dates, PA Invitational, State Rules & Policies....  A good resource for information pertaining to gymnastics in Pennsylvania. 


Pennsylvania Men's USA Gymnastics

Give customers a reason to do business with you.


The Sports Section Photography

 TSS - The Sports Section - is the Official Still Photographer of Erie Gymnastics Center.  TSS provides Still Photography for our Teams and many website pictures.  They serve our members by offering affordable quality pictures to our Students and Parents.  Photos can be placed on Coffee Mugs, Calendars, Blankets, Fat-Heads, T-Shirts, Buttons and all sorts of unique items.


Action Shots Photography

 ACTIONSHOTS PHOTOGRAPHY - of Erie is the Official Action Photographer of Team Lightning Competitive Gymnastics Teams.  Action Shots can capture the moment of victory or the 'Big Skill' in mid-air.  Action Shots can also put your favorite pictures on a variety of unique collectibles.  Action Shots also is the Official Photographer of the Stars & Stripes Coed Invitational & Official Photographer of the 2015 PA Excel State Championships.    


Champion Cheer Central

Champion Cheer Central is a National Cheerleading Organization.  Owners Kim Soder & Heather Petz were both EGC Students in their youth, and moved on to start CCC.  CCC hosts numerous Competitions throughout the USA, including the CCC Hard Rocking National Championships in Cleveland, OH.  CCC hosts numerous Camps & Clinics pertaining to Cheerleading.  CCC also does Choreography for All Star and School Teams.  

CCC & EGC often work together on many products helping coaches produce some of the top Cheer Team in the country!


Meet Scoring Services


Meet Scoring Services was founded by owner John Hatch who was father of a Team Lightning Graduate & Champion.  As a computer geek by day, John was frustrated by the excruciatingly long times it took to get results for awards.  As well he was frustrated by sitting in the audience trying to see little hand held or home made score cards which often were inaccurate.  

John went to work- working with software providers, electronic companies, and now provides full service gymnastics meet scoring systems for Gymnastics / Sporting Competitions.

    MSS - provides Computers, Software, Digital Score Boards, Advanced Meet Registration, Wired & Wireless set-ups,  Data Entry & Analysis, Financials....
"Everything Meet Directors need so they can concentrate on Meet Directing!"

    Proud Scoring Services of every Stars & Stripes Invitational and numerous other Invitationals and State Competitions


Crystal Couture

 CRYSTAL COUTURE - is a leader in the Industry of sequence and rhinestone design and clothing wear.  Crystal Couture is the designer of the Optional Team Leotard Rhinestone design as well as the Team Lightning Tank Leotards and the EGC Bling Shirts. 

Geoff Bach Juggling

Former EGC Gymnast & Coach & long time friend to Erie Gymnastics.  Geoff honed his skills and became one of the best in his trade in the world.  Geoff was recruited & toured the world with critically acclaimed Cirque Ingeniux.  Geoff went from 'juggling' kids at EGC to Juggling just about anything.    Geoff is a multi-talented performer appealing to audiences of all ages, he throws many different types of objects and blends the art of technical juggling with humorous and even dangerous props. He includes members of the audience for daringly funny and
sometimes unbelievable participation stunts. His show is a must see for anyone ages 2 to 102. 


The amazing magic of... Cliff Hopkins & Kelly

 Cliff & Kelly are long times friends of Erie Gymnastics.  Over the years we've work side by side and collaborated on some amazing performances.  For anyone looking for five star entertainment, it’s easy to see why Cliff Hopkins and Kelly are one of the finest magicians to be found.  Offering a fabulous array of magic and illusion, each show is an amazing production that electrifies an audience  Cliff & Kelly have performed all over the Globe including several appearances at 'The Hollywood Castle" / Norwegian Cruise Lines / 6 Flags Amusement Parks....


Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department


Close the deal

 Stars & Stripes 17 & 19 Honored Charity -- $23,894.00.   Brookside & Fairfiield,  Volunteer Fire Departments.  Responding to over 1,000 calls each every year with a Volunteer force of less than 35 at each station.  The greatest of Heroes and best of humankind! 

Fallen Soldiers Picnic


501c Charity that fundraises monies to help Local Erie Families who have lost their "Fallen Soldier".


Stars & Stripes 18 - Honored Charity

$10,000.00 donation = Helps Local Fallen Soldiers Families in the Erie Area

Veterans Miracle Center of Erie


Stars & Stripes 16 - Honored Charity

 $9,000.00     Veterans Miracle Center provides Goods & Services to any and all US Vets in need!  

The Pittsburgh Inn

Stars & Stripes 15 Honored Charity -- $7,500.00   The Pittsburgh Inn, owned by Robyn Weunski (proud mom of a Vet) collects for, buys, & sends thousands of care packages every year to active military serving around the globe!


2015 Stars & Stripes Honored Charity


Northwest PA K9 Search & Rescue


Stars & Stripes 14 Honorable Charity

$5.500.00 = Donated to amazing Dogs & their trainers who are called to duty for Natural & Terrorist Disasters as well as missing & lost Children & Adults.