Age 3 & 4 year olds


Boys & Girls (1 hour classes)

Our Mom & Tot (and/or Dad's, Grandparents, Relatives...) are designed specifically for Children at this stage of physical and emotional development.  Children at this age WANT to explore their world!  They love to run, jump, bounce, swing, climb and play.  Day by day they are growing and learning to coordinate their large & small motor skills.  Gymnastics (by its very nature) enhances and accelerates this development.  This is all accomplished in a safe & fun environment full of equipment and apparatus designed for them.


Social Development

Young children need to learn and grow from and with other children.  With our Tot's Classes, they get the security of having Mom (or Dad) around, but also learn to interact with other children their age and a 'teacher'.  Some of the class is independent work and exploration, while part of the classes are devoted to group games & activities allowing them to interact with their peers.   

   The Socialization is also great for the Parents.  You will meet like minded parents who are at the same stage stage in life with raising little ones.  Parents often develop friendships with the other parents in the class and share ideas, get together's & play dates with their children.


Easy to get started!

To sign up, simply click on the "Register" link next to the class time below.  You will be directed to our Gym Management software 'Jackrabbit'.  It's safe, fast, and easy!  A little bit if info and your little one is ready to go!

Preschool Class Schedule