Below is a list of our classes. Click the header to see more specifics on each type of class.

Mom & Tot (Dad's too)

Age 18mo. - 3 years

Wonderful experience & exercise for Boys & Girls!

And... despite the name, the toddlers are often accompanied by Dad, Grandma or Grandpap, Auntie....

Explore Movement

Children this age are developing and refining both Large & Small muscle motor skill development.

The children want to try everything... climbing, running, crawling, bouncing....

Mom & Tot Page

Social Development

These classes are great for the little ones to meet new friends and form relationships.

Not only is it great for the kids, but also the Parents!  Here is a group of parents going through  the exact same stage of life at the same time.  Share ideas, share experiences, organize a play date....


Ages 3 & 4

This is where it all starts!  An awesome program for both Girls and Boys.

This 1 hour class is the fundamentals (ABC's) of Gymnastics and  Physical Fitness.


Our Preschool focus is on development and refinement of motor skill movement.  

These fundamentals include; Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Coordination....


Preschool Page

Social Development

Included in our curriculum is Social Development.  At this age, it is near impossible for even the most diligent parent to teach socialization.


 Preschoolers learn to follow instructions from a teacher, taking turns, playing nice, School Readiness & group games.


Ages 4 & 6

This is where is all starts!  Our most popular starting point for young Boys & Girls.


This 1 hour class is the fundamentals (ABC's) of Gymnastics and  Physical Fitness. 

Skill Development

Our Kinder Program uses the same "Level 1" curriculum of skills as does our Beginner Classes, however brings the presentation down to their age level.

Fundamentals include, basic Skills, Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination, FUN...

KinderGym Page

Social Development

Gymnasts make new friends in their classes!  Sharing a common interest with others is one of the best ways to make new friends.

We believe every child should be able to do a Cartwheel, and whether performing this at the gym, the play ground, or down the Super Market Isles establishes your child as an EGC gymnast!


Ages 7+

Boys & Girls - age 7+.

60 Minute Classes / 1x per week

A focus on all Beginner Level skills on all the Gymnastics Apparatus - Bars, Beams, Tumbling, Trampoline....

A FUN way to start learning!

Physical Development

Gymnastics is one of the few sports that concentrates on the 'entire body' for Strength & Flexibility.  

In additional to Gymnastics Skills, your child will improve their Strength & Flexibility.  

We do teach and work Splits, Bridges, Push-ups, Chinups, Rope Climbs... as part of each class.

Beginner Page

Mental Development

As well as learning skills, our gymnasts learn a positive view about Physical Fitness. 

Watch as your child develops Confidence, Self Esteem, Determination, Self Discipline...

We take pride in our accomplishments as do our gymnasts!

Intermediate & Int. Kinder

Intermediate - Age 7 + Int. Kinder - Ages 4-6

Intermediate - Boys & Girls

90 Minute Classes / 1x per week

Skill Development

Intermediate Students continues to build on the skills, strength, & flexibility learned in the Beginner Classes.

Additional Class time allows students to develop more strength & flexibility which allows Mastery of more difficult skills.

Intermediate Page

The Gymnastics Experience

In the Beginner Classes, students learn the basics & get introduced to the equipment.

Now that the students are familiar with the Program & Format, Intermediate Students start to really get into the 'Sport' aspect of gymnastics and acquisition and development of skills.

Advanced I & II / Adv. Kinder

Advanced I & II Advanced Kinder

Boys & Girls

Adv. I & II - Age 7+

Adv. Kinder - Ages 4-6

90 Minute Classes / 2x per week

Advanced Pride!

Advanced Classes are some of our most popular classes offered.  Students have now reached the 'Top' of our Recreational Program where anything is possible.

The extra class time allows for complex gymnastics skills to be learned & perfected.

Advanced Page


95% of our Advanced Students rank in the top 10% of the Presidential Physical Fitness Programs offered by most schools.

By their Advanced Year here at EGC, our students have transitioned into extraordinary athletes and not only are great gymnasts, but capable of excelling in any sport.

Advanced Students are where we typically recruit for our Team Lightning Competitive Programs.

Boys Classes

Boys Only Classes

Boys Kinder 1 hour

Boys Beginner - 1 hour

Boys Intermediate - 90 min.

Hot Shots - 90 min. / 2x per wk

We also accept Boys in ALL of our Regular Recreational Classes.  Age 18 months & up!

Men's Gymnastics

Although many of the basics are the same, Men' & Women's Gymnastics differs at the Competitive Levels.

Men share the Vault & Floor (tumbling) with the ladies, but have their own events... Rings, High Bar, Parallel Bars, and Pommel Horse.

Our Boys work these events and much, much more!

Mens Gymnastics Page

Boys will be Boys...

Boys develop Physically & Mentally differently and at a different rate than girls.

In our Boys Classes we take this into account.  Our Boys classes tend to be a little wilder and louder.  

Our Boys classes are typically taught by our Male staff and focus on the Men's Gymnastics Events.

Boys who excel are encouraged to consider our Team Lightning Men's Competitive Teams.

Tumble / Cheer / Speciality


Whether you're into Cheerleading, X-Games, Martial Arts, or just always wanted to do a flip, WE DO IT!

We offer both Beginner & Advanced Tumbling Classes

1 hour / week

The Best Athletes Train Here!

For Years, the Best 'Tumblers' come here to learn their trade.  EGC works with most of the local NCAA Cheer Teams / Gannon's Acro Team / and numerous High School & All Star Cheer Teams in the Area.

As well, we work with athletes in Martial Arts, Wrestling, X-Games, Hockey, Baseball... anyone who wants enhanced Strength, Flexibility, & Coordination.

Tumbling Page

Specialty Classes

Not All of our Classes are listed on the website.  We offer and work with numerous Dance, Circus, Cheer, Sporting, Martial Arts, Skiing... organizations in the Regional Area.

We offer Private 'Team' Classes as well as Private & Semi-Private Lessons for just about any athlete who is looking to improve their game.

Call for a quote.

Autism / Special Needs

Autism & Special Needs

Erie Gymnastics  Loves ALL Children!  We also believe it is important for ALL children to maintain Physical Fitness, Healthy Habits, and to have FUN!


EGC's Special Needs Classes help children  with a wide variety of Physical & Mental Challenges.  Numerous studies have found that sports like Gymnastics can significantly help children with Physical & Mental Challenges.

For many students with milder & moderate handicaps, we 'Main Stream' those children into our regular classes.

For those who require a little more attention, we offer our Autism & Special Needs Classes.


In addition to our Autism / Special Needs Classes, EGC works with a number of Public & Private Organizations to offer gymnastics classes for their members.

Please call us to find out how we can help and work with your organization.

Team Lightning Competitive Gymnastics

Team Lightning Women's Competitive Teams

EGC has produced hundreds of State, Regional & National Champions!

EGC offer USA Gymnastics Competitive Junior Olympic teams Level 2 thru Elite!

Competitive Teams are by tryout and Invitation only.

Team Lightning Men's Competitive Teams

ESPN ranks Gymnastics as the 'toughest sport in the world'!  We take pride in our numerous gymnasts accomplishments.

Our walls are adorned with hard fought Trophies, Medals, & Banners that were earned by our toughest students!

Team Lightning Page

Mom & Tots (Dad's too)




Intermediate & Int. Kinder

Advanced I & II and Adv. Kinder

Boys Classes

Tumbling / Acro / Cheer / Cirque