June 29th - July 3rd

Additional Information


By Head Coach & Program Director - Douglas Pershun

  •   Thank you for taking an interest in our 29th Annual Team Clinic. We welcome you to take part in our funtastic clinic. Each year, we take pride in providing a really positive & exciting camp experience for all competitive gymnasts.


    We are NOT one of the giant Gymnastics Summer Glamour Camps that you send your kids away to. We don't even try to compete with the Multi-Million Dollar Summer Camps and all of the toys they can provide. We do not have nor offer Horse Back Riding, Face Painting, Bungee Tramps, nor Rock Climbing. We will not bring celebrity athletes and coaches in to get your pictures taken with either.

      What we have to offer is a real gymnastics working clinic. Our Team Coaches & Camp Staff are full time gymnastics professionals, not college kids trying to pay for camp tuition. Their lives and livelihoods revolve around the sport of gymnastics. We are truly seeking to improve gymnasts and gymnastics in our area.

     Our camp is about instilling good work habits, technique, and developing new skills. Sharing ideas and experiences with like-minded athletes and coaches. We are a "Work Horse" Camp!

      As a "Work Horse" camp, we are interested in providing a fun, positive, educationally valuable experience. We will send the gymnasts home tired & sore each day, but happy that they moved closer to their goals. At camp, they will work hard and they will develop their skill. They will make new friends, share ideas, and generally come back with renewed motivation and learning tools. We know this from the area gymnasts and parents that return year after year.

     One of the most rewarding and interesting phenomena about the camp is the last 2 hours of the week. The last 2 hours of the Team Clinic, we have a little gymnastics version of Show & Tell. We invite all of the parents in and each of the gymnasts show off their newly acquired skills. Even after coaching 25+ years, I still get a thrill by watching the upcoming athletes perform their new skills. The greatest coaching satisfaction lies in this area.

     We hope you will make plans to attend our clinic this year & hope to see you soon! 


Example of Daily Training Schedule

 9:00am - 10:00am   --- General Stretch / Flexibility / Strength 

     (varies daily)  Ballet / Zomba / Jazz / Hip Hop... led by top

      Professional Clinicians.

10:00am - 11:00am --- Vaulting

11:00am - 12:00pm --- Uneven Bars

12:00pm - 1:00pm --- Lunch - Guest Speaker everyday - Day 1 might be Athlete Nutrition / Day 2 might be Judging...

1:00pm - 2:00pm --- Tumble Trac & Trampoline Tumbling

2:00pm - 3:00pm --- Balance Beam

3:00pm - 4:00pm --- Floor Exercise

In the evening the coaches and athletes typically get together for some R & R.  We typically take one day to go to Presque Isle Beaches.  Another Day - we go to Haley's Pond - an awesome private pond with Rope Swings, Zip Lines, Floating Island, Diving tower, rafts, tubes, picnic grove and fun.  Once ever year we take the athletes down to Waldemeer Amusement Park and have a blast.

Evening Activities

   In the evening, the athletes and coaches typically get together for some R & R.  We typically take one day to go to the Beaches at Presque Isle or Shades Beach.  Another day we may go to 'Haley's Pond' (named and owned by one of our Team Members) which is an awesome private pond with Rope Swings, Zip Lines, Floating Island, Diving Tower, Rafts, Tubes, Picnic Grove and Fun!  We always do one night a Waldemeer Amusement & Water Park and have a blast.

Show & Tell

On Day 1, we explain to the gymnast the importance of setting goals and work on establishing goals for the week.  The rest of the week is spent working toward those goals and new skills.  On Friday we host 'Show & Tell' for the parents and the coaches.  The gymnasts have to introduce themselves to the audience and then show off their newly aquired skills.  It's awesome to see their hard work in progress.

About Us

June 29th - July 3rd


Register NOW! Camp fills every year.

Our Maximum Camp size is 75 athletes.  We rotate 5 events - Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise and Trampoline stations.  Camp is first come first serve and has filled every year since we've run camp.   Camp is a rigorous week of intensive training, and thus we only accept Level 3+ Competitive Athletes - age 6+.

Camp is $395.00 - which is 1/3 of the "Resort Camps"


Online Registration

All Registration is online through our Jackrabbit Gym Management Software (easy & secure).  Click the following link  (or Picture) to register for the Camp. 


Housing Available

We get visiting Gymnasts from numerous gymnasts for our Camp.  We offer Gymnast Housing - from our Competitive Gymnasts Host Families.  Essentially, we look at the age & level of the visiting gymnast and match them with a Host Family from our Team.  Essentially they adopt your child for the week and pack their lunch and get them to and from the gym, feed them dinner....   We only ask that you offer the host family a minimum of $50.00 for the additional expense - food, towels, gas....

If your gymnast needs housing  - click the following link to our email and we will put you in touch with one of our Host Families.  Staff@eriegymnastics.com