Age 5 & 6 year olds


Boys & Girls (1 hour classes)

Kinder Gym - is a modified version of our Beginner Classes.  Here, students begin with the "ABC's" (fundamentals) of Gymnastics.  Kinder Gym only differs from our Beginner Classes in that we factor in the shorter attention spans and the continued need for motor skill development.

   Kinder Gym classes are designed to be FUN and challenging introducing all the various gymnastics apparatus.  Our little gymnasts will increase flexibility, strength, coordination, as well as skill.  Here we introduce skills like Cartwheels, Handstands, rolls, bridges... and much much more.


Skill Development

For our Kinder Gym Program, we use a modified USA Gymnastics (Level 1) curriculum. 

   Our curriculum includes a variety of flexibility & strength skills including rope climb, chin holds, sit ups, push ups, splits, bridges....

    As well, we focus on learning and mastering specific fundamental skills on all the gymnastics apparatus including Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Rings, Trampoline and more.


It's easy to get started!

   Below is a schedule of the classes we offer at both of our convenient locations.  Select the class that best fits your schedule, and click 'Register'.  This directs you to our 'Jackrabbit' Gym Management software, (secure & safe).  Complete our Registration info and your in!  Simple & Safe!

Kinder Gym Class Schedule